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There was always going to be an incredible story in any fictional book. Nobody will know what to expect or how where the primary characters would grow to be as the reader reaches the end of the book. Moreover, if the tale impresses you, then a series might be put in the works.

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Moody Kim

Moody Kim is a great writer in the making. She is making her debut with “Forbidden Love”. When it come to her early years, she grown up mostly with romantic novels. Moody Kim, as the name she likes to go by, has always wanted to write her book, where her version of happily ever after, her twist at what love can be is portrayed to entice book fans like her. In her personality, one can see qualities of inspirational, optimistic, intense and extremely lovable, which is also displayed in this book.


Heroes With No Parade Chapters


In a tale of two lovebirds wanting a happily ever after, the chapters will take you on their journey. Have a look at what the first set of chapters have to offer.

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Forbidden Love

This book is a tribute to a classic love story between a young American boy, and North Korean girl in South East Asia. The book will lay a set of captivating and thrilling scenes on their hardships and hindrances.


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Forbidden Love

If you want to know more about the book’s setting and the story, make sure to watch the trailer of Moody Kim’s Forbidden Lover.


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