About The Author


Moody Kim is a great writer in the making. She is making her debut with “Forbidden Love”. When it come to her early years, she grown up mostly with romantic novels. Moody Kim, as the name she likes to go by, has always wanted to write her book, where her version of happily ever after, her twist at what love can be is portrayed to entice book fans like her. In her personality, one can see qualities of inspirational, optimistic, intense and extremely lovable, which is also displayed in this book. She loves to write down things as a compilation of all that she has experienced and seen in today’s world where the idea of love has become so saturated and the word love itself has seemed to lose its meaning. Moody Kim has always been a fan of the idea of forbidden love, wanting something that you can never have, but it could be true love. Her personality relates very closely to the character in the book as well, which is why she wants to bring her side of the storytelling aspect to readers.